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The Roy residence is a response to a specific climatic condition and how one might establish a platform for living that is environmentally sustainable while also providing a level of comfort expected by contemporary society. 
The site is elevated, westerly facing and borders the Murray River on its western boundary, the climate is typically that of a dry arid region with summer temperatures exceeding 45 degrees and winter dropping to below 0 degrees, breezes are predominately south westerly.
A principal requirement of the brief was for a home that would accommodate a growing family while also providing a level of privacy for its occupants. The client also requested that the building perform to a high level of comfort without mechanically conditioned air.
It was decided that to moderate temperature fluctuations between day and night, summer and winter, the building would employ the thermal advantages of rammed earth construction for its primary structural walls, the visual weight of these walls also expressing a sense of permanence and longevity in the structure.
As a counterpoint to the massive nature of the walls, a light weight butterfly roof with large over hangs provides shade to the internal spaces, similar in effect to a large brimmed hat on its wearer.
The planning of the house resulted from the requirement for privacy and as a means of maximizing the cooling effects of the prevailing south westerly breezes. By separating the various zones of the house with paved circulation corridors each space benefits from its ability to cross ventilate, while the corridors establish views through and across the site.
The building, once completed, will operate with a similar nature to that of a yacht, in winter it can be closed down and only those areas used need be heated. While in summer the house can be opened up completely catching the breezes and allowing the house to breathe.


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