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This home for a couple in coastal South Australia is part of a suburban type land division with westerly views towards the sea. The building had to address strict council guidelines while still maintaining a sense of the vernacular architecture of the surrounding coastal towns.

The house evolved as a series of masonry blade walls, the largest of which runs east west through the centre of the building and registers as an anchoring device, giving the structure a definite presence in the street. The axial nature of this main blade wall also establishes westerly views toward the sea and provides structural support for a cantilevered stair between the public lower level and the more private upper level living space. The wall also provides a threshold between the main house of the owners and additional accommodation for visiting children and grand children.

In an easterly direction the wall wraps back to create a sheltered outdoor dining  space which is accessible from the kitchen via an operable glass wall, extending the living area to accommodate all climatic conditions and reinforcing the qualities of coastal living.