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Located in a small coastal town on the Yorke Peninsula this house explores the idea of mass and frame, sited between the wheat belt of the southern Yorke Peninsula to the south west and the coastal area of Hardwicke Bay to the north east. This notion of being In between is realized in the design through planning, material selection and orientation.

The south western side of the building being primarily of masonry construction is pushed back into the hill as a means of reducing its visual bulk, providing protection from cold winter winds and reducing the impact of road noise from the adjacent street. In contrast to the heavy nature of this façade the north eastern side of the building is constructed as a framed structure, creating a sense of lightness.

The structural frames performing as a series of apertures to the view of the local Point Turton jetty and Hardwicke Bay beyond. This treatment of framing views is carried through to the bedrooms, where the scale of the openings is reduced to provide more discreet glimpses of the coast and surrounding rural landscape.